HotUKDeals Of The Day - Wednesday January 27th

hukd_logob1 Deals Of The Day is all about FUN today - in all its forms. We've got flashy fun computer games, fun cheap entry to fun theme parks and erm, fun free book delivery. Fun there.

All bargains come with the HotUKDeals fun-shaped stamp of approval.

593991Psychonauts is a computer game. Those who know all about these things say that it is an excellent computer game. Now this ‘excellent’ ‘computer game’ can be yours for the poxy cost of a single pound.

It’s available through something called Steam which hooks up straight to your computer and allows you to play the game. We assume you’ll need to get some kind of steam-transmitting pipe which will allow you to download it, and you’ll obviously need suitable ventilation to avoid condensation building up. Erm…

593868Next a more general deal. Popular booksellists Waterstones have done both us and themselves a huge favour and scrapped their delivery charges – for now at least.

Whether they’ve got anything to offer that other free-delivery retailers don’t have is up to you. But at least now you won’t have to trudge to one of their shops to pick your stuff up. Result.

594594Finally, we’re giving you the biggest gift of all. No, not Kota the Dinosaur, but the gift of life itself.  No, wait, it’s actually the gift of cheap fun. In Florida, America, at the Universal Studios & Universal Islands of Adventure.

You can get a 14-day unlimited ticket for these magnificent citadels of unbridled pleasure right now at £75 for an adult and £69 for a child. The fact that the attractions include the new Harry Potter Park has made our gussets almost shatter with excitement.

(deals by HUKD readers emmajk42, amibees and adrian2000)

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