HotUKDeals Of The Day - Wednesday 7th January

Here we go again – you know the drill. Bargains ahoy, all thanks to the peeps at HotUKDeals.

Look at them, explore them further by clicking the link. You might buy summat, you might not. But you’ll be back. Oh yes, you’ll be BACK!

Kicking off today, if you’re a vulture, you might be interested in the circling, swooping and nabbing possibilities opening up at the Wedgwood website – an ideal time to stock up on bulky figurines of frill-clad ladies carrying parasols.

There’s a January sale on at the moment but, as the company are in dire financial straits, a Woolies-style clearance sale might not be too far away in the distance. Fill your boots and you need never have to buy a gift for an elderly relative until after they die.
(deal found by mcs)

Next, a list. Uurrrghh, you all moo and cry, a boring old list. But no, this is a rundown of all the DVDs available for £2.99 at Play and HMV. It’s thanks to the hard work of HUKD DVD list compilation king OF 2009 dre1988.

It contains classics such as Behind The Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon, Natural World: Earth Pilgrim and Pokemon: The First Movie. Thankfully, there’s also some films that you might want too.
(deal found by dre1988)

Finally, another DVD – not on the above list as it’s too damn expensive. But what it is, is the complete collection of the ace vintage cartoon series Jamie And The Magic Torch. Entire episode below.

You can get the DVD for less than £4.00 ahead of the big budget Hollywood remake due out later this year starring Orlando Bloom as Jamie and Dan Aykroyd as Wordsworth the dog that we just made up.
(deal found by bigflump)

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