HotUKDeals Of The Day - Wednesday 5th January

hukd_logob1It might be late but it’s bloody great. Yes, it’s the Deals Of The Day round up and it’s waaay past its bedtime. So we’ll crack on…

Oh! It’s all courtesy of HotUKDeals – but you knew that yeah?

844281_1First up is a bag. Not just any old bag – like the kind that you might find the FA Cup draw balls being drawn out of or a different kind of bag that tramp puking into, but a very special bag. A bag… from The Body Shop!

It’s a gift bag and comes in a variety of flavours; Moringa, Coconut and Strawberry (no, us neither). What’s more, it’s only £16.00, down from what was possibly a ridiculous £45.00. We are unable to confirm or deny whether or not you can fit an entire body into it. So don’t ask, okay.

844275_1Next, one of the best films of the past year. According to those who either (a) saw it or (b) understood any/all of it. We speak of course of Inception, which as far as we were concerned made our previous ‘most complicated’ film, The Fifth Element, look like an episode of fucking Rainbow.

But don’t you worry your pretty little heads about any of that. For only £13.99, you can get the ‘triple play’ version of the movie. That’s Blu-ray, DVD and ‘what the butler saw’-style viewscope thing. Hang on – that’s not right – it’s actually the ‘digital’ version of it.

844579_1Finally, something that we don’t often allow into Deals Of The Day but are happy to make an exception for as a one-off – it’s a load of old shit. Infinitely preferable if you didn't think much of Inception.

To be more precise, it’s a tin of poo from Colchester Zoo – a blend of elephant and rhino dung that you can… well, whatever you want with. It’s only £4.99 to you lot (with £3.76 postage banged on top) You’d better check the date on the tin if it’s going to be a Christmas 2011 gift though…

(deals found by HUKD members shadow1, achapman and oliquito)

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  • zeddy
    Was it this episode of fucking Rainbow you were thinking of?

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