HotUKDeals Of The Day - Wednesday 4th May

4 May 2011

hukd_logob1 Time to round up the best deals of the day courtesy of HotUKDeals again. Don’t pull that face – you know you love it.

931863_1Hey you! Your garden’s rubbish. Your lawn is bare and boring, your tree has got an old woman’s bra hanging in it and that scarecrow could really do without that rotting raw meat that you’ve draped all over it.

Why not spruce things up with some nice plants and make your gardenal area look like somewhere that humans might actually want to be. Get yourself a lucky dip of 45 mini-plants that could turn your life around – all for only 90p.

931601_1We’re sticking with plants for our second deal today and the often-under publicised battle that they have with the zombies of this world. You know what we’re on about – it’s Plants vs Zombies of course.

You can currently get the ‘Game Of The Year’ version (no, us neither) for your PC, downloaded and ready to go for just £2.38 at the moment. That’s a whopping 66% off. Also, as an afterthought, is it just us or would zombies be about 66% less intimidating if they were called ‘zonbies’ instead? Yeah.

932076_1Finally, can a human suck up and obliterate a zombie in a Ghostbusters stylee by using a Henry vacuum cleaner? It’s a question that has troubled some of the world’s finest minds for years, and our Mof has just asked it again.

You can find out for yourself by getting your hands on a Henry, delivered to a local Sainsburys store for only £70. Then all you’ll need to do is hunt down some zombies. GO!

(deals found by HUKD members Nutty66, skipster3000 and andywedge)

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