HotUKDeals Of The Day - Wednesday 3rd November

hukd_logob1 Crash bang wallop! What’s that sound? It’s the sound of the world collapsing in on itself in sheer amazement at the bargains we’ve unearthed for you today. Oh yes!

HotUKDeals is where we nabbed ‘em all from and there’s loads more for your delectation over there now.

791496_1It’s coming round to party season soon (and for some of us, the... ahem, award ceremony season) and it pays to look your best if you’re planning to seek out a member of the opposite sex, either to embark on a lifetime’s journey with or just to have a quick knee-trembler round the back of a nightclub, beside the big bins.

Well, if you’re a gentleman (or even just a big ogre with a penis) you can pick up an actual tuxedo to wear for your preferred festive function for the ridiculous price of only £12.50. And because you’ve bought it as opposed to hiring it, you don’t have to worry too much about puking all over it like every other year.

791251_1But that’s not all – if you’re off to a seasonal bash, you can save even more £££s and increase your chances of throwing up all over your tuxedo by filling the pockets up with miniature bottles of wine, removing the need to spend countless of those £££s at the bar. You ARE the bar!

Using a complicated set of alcoholic equations that we don’t really understand without having to crank up our in-house supercomputer, you can get mini (187.5ml) bottles of Jacobs Creek Shiraz for as little as 67p each. Head over to HotUKDeals for the full info.

791590_1Finally for today, another event where smuggling in tiny bottles of booze could save you £££s. But be warned – it’s at a football stadium and is probably against the regulations so you should NOT do it. Nor should you smuggle in whisky hidden inside an apple and blackcurrant Fruit Shoot bottle *looks guiltily at the floor*

The stadium in question is the Emirates, home of the Arsenal and the match we’re concentrating on is the Carling Cup quarter-final ‘clash’ between Arsenal and Wigan on November 30th. Adult tickets start at just £10 with concession tickets available from only £5. So cheap that you won’t even feel compelled to smuggle in any booze.

(deals found by HUKD members Headingley_Lad, sleth and Jackus)

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  • Nobby
    If you want to smuggle whisky into a football match, take a small child with you. Fill them up with whisky before you go in, then punch them in the stomach after you enter. The puke you get out will contain about 37.6% alcohol.

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