HotUKDeals Of The Day - Wednesday 30th September

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It’s late in the day, and it’s our time of the month, okay? Much respect to HotUKDeals...

478521That top catalogue-based high street retail monster Argos want you inside their shops this Christmas and rather than offer you a spot of no-holds-barred Yankee Doodle in the stock room, they’re taking a more palatable and legal approach.

Their free gift voucher offer has been enhanced and as of today, you get double the amount – two £5 vouchers for a £50 spend and two £10 vouchers for a £100 spend. Obviously it isn’t perfect and you can only use one voucher in October and one in November but what else do you want – hand jobs?

479262“Hey Bitterwallet,” your correspondence has been screaming to us, “why don’t you tell us about more great deals on batteries?” Because we’re a pack of shits, that’s why. But all that is about to change, as we hit y’all up the ass with TWO battery deals.

Firstly, we’ve got a box of 40 Duracell ULTRA M3 Extra High Power Alkaline AAA batteries for only £11.99 delivered. Don’t like that? Get a load of this - 20 x AA Batteries for 99p. BUT they’re in a BOGOF, so that’s 40 batteries for 99p!

479449Finally, one for those of you who have been trying to retune your Freeview box and have realised that it’s not your box, it’s your aerial and if you don’t get it sorted soon you won’t be able to watch that thing on Five with Ian Wright and Melinda Messenger and that woman from The Apprentice and anyway how the hell did she get the job of presenting a live TV show cos she’s shite.

It’s a High Gain 32 Element digital aerial kit for only £12.06 delivered. As for that Five thing – be careful what you wish for…

(deals found by HUKD members r13lah, aju, steadyeddie and stevey_p7)


  • Christopher
    Unlikely to be your aerial, more likely the coax between the aerial and box. Good luck upgrading that :) Maplin used to do some decent prices on shielded coax though...
  • zeddy
    "what else do you want – hand jobs?" Yes please. A girl to do it too, preferably. I must say, this celebrating 5 years of deal anarchy is getting better and better. Any free BJs as the star prize?
  • pauski
    Not a single iphone related story today - surely some one can work a story in?
  • applesux
    @ Pauski shuush... they still have time to do it.

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