HotUKDeals Of The Day - Wednesday 2nd February

hukd_logob1Firstly, an apology. We recently told you about an offer on chunky Kit Kats that would get you seven of the gob-filling bleeders for only a pound. Word has reached us that you can now get NINE of them for a pound elsewhere. There – now on with today’s offers.

Oh, and you knew that all of this stuff comes from HotUKDeals didn’t you? Well you do now, bozo.

866707_1We kick off with a big box of burly tools. It’s the Draper DIY Series 61-piece tool kit and not, as we first thought, a tool kilt. While that would be feasible, the weight of 61 pieces would make it unwieldy and practically unmanageable.

So it’s just a standard tool kit then. But it’s got everything you might need in for the smallest task like building a wardrobe to the largest task – building three wardrobes. And it’s been reduced from £32 to only £9.60.

866087_1Next – television sets, a staple here at Deals Of The Day. You lot must have massive, brilliant tellies in every room of your homes/caravans/caves/hovels if you follow the advice we give you. Here’s a couple more. Yes – a couple!

First, for the 32 inch fan, there’s a 32 inch TV – the LG 32LD490 full HD LCD 1080p goggle-box, and it’s just £299.98. If you’re after something with a bit more length, width and girth to it, there’s a 42 inch option – the LG42LD450 and it’s only £360.03.

854739_1Finally, some packets of delicious breaded scampi – currently available for £3.49 with a ‘buy one get two free’ offer. We think you’ll be rushing out to get some when you read some of the comments from HotUKDeals members. They include…

“It’s cheap but its nasty…”
“Did you see the channel 4 programme Dispatches about how they make this?
You'll never eat it again!!”

“I would rather consume higher quality dead rotting flesh, sorry.”


(deals found by HUKD members nobby99, shadow1, andycs, luqyno1 and dizzystar)

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