HotUKDeals Of The Day - Wednesday 2nd December

hukd_logob1 If you love solving puzzles and eating Mexican food, you’re going to love today’s Deals Of The Day. If you don’t, frankly you’re a bit screwed. Sorry.

One puzzle that’s easily solved is the source of these bargains – it’s HotUKDeals of course!

544192Who amongst us doesn’t enjoy getting ‘a bit Mexican’ every now and again? Affixing a droopy moustache, putting on a poncho and a sombrero and doing a Speedy Gonzalez impersonation. Lovely.

Now you can jazz the experience up some more with a fajita kit. For a single, solitary pound coin, you’ll get 8 flour tortillas, a sachet of spicy tomato salsa and a packet of fajita seasoning and before you know it you’ll be wiping fajita grease off your chin and washing your moustache under the tap.

544455Here’s a brain teaser for all you puzzle fans. Rearrange these words to make the name of a popular Nintendo DS game – ‘Professor Layton The And Curious Village.’ What? No, of course it isn’t Cooking Mama 2 – you cocks.

It’s Professor Layton And The Curious Village and it’s only £12.85 at the moment, a major saving on its £29.99 RRP. But if you couldn’t figure out the puzzle in the previous paragraph then you’re going to struggle with the game to be quite honest.

544047Finally today, another head-twisting piece of equipment that will give you hours of annoying fun. It’s the Rubik Cube, almost thirty years old but still a classic puzzle. And right now, you can have one for only a fiver.

Show it to some young people and explain to them that it’s what you used to use to pass the time back in the olden days when there was only three channels on the telly and Facebook hadn’t been invented. Then put it away in a drawer when you realise you still can’t do more than one side.

(deals found by HUKD members rosstheboss1972, partyblast and amibees)

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  • Brian
    I used to use my hair dryer to peel off the coloured stickers, and tell my stepfather i had completed the Cube.

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