HotUKDeals Of The Day - Wednesday 28th January

The name’s Deals. HotUKDeals. Licenced to kill. And occasionally point you in the direction of mind-blowing bargains. Like these…

Do you enjoy mooching around in dusty old buildings or touching statues? Do you like cream teas and keeping warm? Do you read the Daily Mail and harbour vaguely fascistic thoughts? If so, you’re probably already a member of the National Front Trust.

Sorry - we’re making some spectacular and unfair generalisations there in the name of cheap comedy. The National Trust do a wonderful job and if it wasn’t for them, would there be any giant outdoor mazes? Click here for a fantastic membership deal. Sign up then get out, get some fresh air and see some of your country’s history you gutless cynics. Oh, and there’s free binoculars.
(deal found by guitargaz)

What’s the opposite of exploring the nation’s heritage? Sitting on your own in front of a two-bar electric fire wearing nothing but a T-shirt and your pants, chewing on a disgusting frozen pizza of course.

Have we got news for you! Here’s a deal on a non-disgusting frozen pizza, fashioned by machines owned by the loving hand of the chillingly-monikered Dr. Oetker. He sounds like he belongs in a documentary about the Third Reich but no, he does pizzas and they’re pretty good. Currently being banged out for one single pound each.
(deal found by Darthtong)

Lastly, frozen pizzas and giant outdoor mazes are just two of the things that you probably won’t find in the pages of The Complete History of the World; a mammoth tome published in conjunction with The Times.

It’s RRP is £75 – we can point you in the direction of a copy for just £15 with free delivery. Suppose it’s something for you to read once you’ve finished your poxy non-Oetker frozen pizza in front of that crappy fire.
(deal found by boozie)

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  • The B.
    Frozen pizza *shudder*, sounds lovely, enjoy it now.

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