HotUKDeals Of The Day - Wednesday 27th May

Tonight’s Champions League final more or less sews up the football season for another year. Yes, there’s the FA Cup final on Saturday, but people don’t actually watch that any more do they?

Here, thanks to HotUKDeals, is some stuff you can buy for a pittance that will amuse and entertain you for the 10 long weeks until the new season starts. Yes – 10 weeks! It’s disgusting isn’t it?

Back in the days before sat-nav, travellers had two choices when it came to navigation – driving with the window open and sniffing out your destination, or using a map. The latter option was unwieldy and confusing, the former ploy just bloody stupid.

Now you can have a go at the map method yourself with the AA 2009 Great Britain and Ireland Atlas – it’ll get you there eventually and is guaranteed to cause all manner of arguments with your in-car navigator – and all for just 89p.

Ahead of series 6 of the ever-reliable Peep Show (coming during the horrendous footyless summer apparently,) you can get a DVD box set of the first five series for only £14.95, including delivery.

Ah, the hilarious antics of Mark, Jez, Superhans, Mercurio, Devon, Bim Sherman, Sir Woolco Unusual and Fong. How they amuse us in times of depression! No, we’ve never actually watched it but we’ve heard the kids in the bus shelter going on about it, so we just nod agreeably to avoid being knifed.

Finally, a triple pack of cordless phones to dot around your house, flat, tent or cave so that you’re never too far away from being harassed by unwanted sales calls or senseless jibber jabber from friends and relatives you don’t want to speak to.

They were £78.29 but now they’re just £18.29 which is so much of a bargain that our fingers are aching just from typing out the words. Owww... eek... yowl! Please thank us for the tip by using the phone this Saturday night to ring up Britain’s Got Talent and voting for anyone but Susan Pissing Boyle. Thanks!

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  • Mike H.
    10 weeks is not long enough
  • Nobby
    They should show only two things on TV. Football and Susan Boyle's warbling opening from a few days ago. I didn't actually see it (the ugly bint singing), but I have heard endless chat about it. Let the nation decide. Football or ugly folk singing.
  • Paul B.
    "there’s the FA Cup final on Saturday, but people don’t actually watch that any more do they?" You might not, but I will be. WE'RE ON THE MARCH WITH MOYSEY'S ARMY COYB

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