HotUKDeals Of The Day - Wednesday 25th March

“I believe the children are our future; treat them well and let them see the way; show them all the beauty they possess inside; then buy them loads of toys, so they grow up into a bundle of ungrateful, snot-nosed little gobshites.”

Or so Whitney Houston sang back in 1985. Sentiments we wholeheartedly agree with as we devote Deals Of The Day to stuff what you can buy for ver kids. Innit? Fanks to our aunties and uncles at HotUKDeals.

Kicking off, with Kota The Triceratops, the life-size baby dinosaur that your little ones can ride around on and invariably fall off, possibly leading to a swift hospital visit. But that’s okay – it’s got laser eyes that can open doors. Possibly.

Usually retailing for £299.99, it’s currently available for a more realistic £129.99 if you follow the link. Over on HUKD, StudentJo tells us that it’s “massive and pointless and my son is scared of it.” If that’s not a thumbs up, then frankly, we don’t know what is.

Next is something that might stop your elder younglings from whinging like trapped otters every time you try and take them shopping or do anything that involves them walking around for more than eight minutes.

It’s one of those board things that you can affix on to the back of the baby’s buggy, allowing the older child to get a free ride and concentrate on moaning on something else, like how they need the toilet or they’re thirsty or the sun is in their eyes. Only £19.99 here.

Lastly, a bundle of duvet covers that your kid of choice might love. Take your pick from Dark Knight, Simpsons, Lazy Town, Dora, Bratz, Fifi, Bob The Builder, Hannah Montana or Spandau Ballet. Available for just £9.00.

Word of warning – don’t offer them up under the guise of presents or you’ll get ripped to shreds. Presents are things with sugar in or things that make a noise or things they can show off to their mates. Duvets are none of these things. Be thankful if you get a smile out of the bastards when you hand them over.

(deals found by amibees, sammy321 and whizzkid)

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  • -=Mike H.
    I hate kids, and before people say, "You were one once..." my retort is that I wasn't, I smoked a pipe and could ride a bike (-stabilisers) @ the age of 3 months, just cos I hated kids. That dinosaur thing would be crap, it don't move FFS! For £100 kids would get bored of it in 10 mins and resort to playing with the massive box the bastard thing came in for weeks!

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