HotUKDeals Of The Day - Wednesday 25th February

The time is now. It’s just you and us and the only thing we’ve got in common is that we’re hungry. Hungry for bargains. Maybe you’re hungry for fried chicken. We’re fine thanks, we’ve just had a sandwich.

Satiate your desire for savings now, as the good folk from HotUKDeals serve up a veritable feast of steaming bargain pie. As well as some of that fried chicken you keep going on about. God, you're OBSESSED!

First up is one that has been touted as the ‘deal of the century’ – intriguing, no? It’s certainly one to get your teeth into if you’re a fan of KFC and their buckets of dinner-flavoured foods.

We don’t quite follow how it works but the gist of it is that you can get lots of chicken, lots of chips and lots of fizzy pop drink for about £13. Which according to the HUKD members is A Good Thing. Click here and you can also get some info about how KFC are allegedly the kings of chicken cruelty. You pays your money, you takes your chicken torture etc etc…

Cheap software alert! Now you can download Microsoft Office 2007 for just £8.95 or buy a boxed version for only £13. A price so low that reading about it might have just caused you to faint and bang your head against the fireplace.

Good move. In order to qualify, you need to be an NHS member of staff with an NHS email address. Now where can you meet people like that? In hospitals of course. So if you didn’t injure yourself when you saw the low price, try some light self-harming and get down to A&E. Befriend a doctor and you could soon be in Cheapsoftwaresville.

Lastly, some genuine advice. If you don’t have seasons 5 and 6 of Seinfeld on DVD, your life simply isn’t complete yet. But don’t panic – we can save you and make you better.

20+ episodes per box set featuring arguably the greatest sitcom ever made – and 5 and 6 were the seasons when it really hit its stride. Yours for just £4.44 each! Unbelievable. They should be giving them away to help keep people warm in the winter. Here’s some classic Seinfeld moments (including Jerry dealing with some stinking customer service.)

(deals found by acecatcher3, gary189 and MrNiceMan)


  • The B.
    My favourite Seinfeld moment was when he disappeared from my tv screen.
  • acecatcher3
    lol i got banned for askin ppl to make the kfc deal hot........bad times haha!
  • magicbeans
    ac3 jus saw ur banned...ridiculous!
  • magicbeans
    did u get any warnings or straight to banned??? so unfair :(
  • ODB
    lol...well done Ace brah!
  • Lulu'smammy
    Ace you plonker! Well done on getting it in here, and i do think it was a bit silly for a full ban!
  • acecatcher3
    rayman banned me for asking ppl to vote hot on the deal thru been doing it for two days on misc and no warnings were given! think a suspension would have been better if anything, think i was much better since i came bk, most of my rep was "thanks for help" etc hopefully they will re consider!...if not its goodbye i guess :( little worried about the fs board stuff i had going as that wasnt all tied up :S
  • acecatcher3
    i got onto bitterwallet wooooop wooooop haha
  • magicbeans
    o yeah well done BABEZONE! haha
  • acecatcher3
    haha babezone u got me banned :P no more "ace for mod" suggestions hehe! also at least i feel a bit better about this ban, my last ban told me i was a bad person, at least this time i went out making ppl laugh! and i went out on a good note!
  • Syzable
    So this is no more mod talk then?. How about "Ace for Admin" then? :D
  • kungfu
    lol you mentalist , new ip and acecatcher4 soon?
  • barneydog
    "So this is BitterWallet……….so no more mod talk then?. How about “Ace for Admin” then? :D" +1 Or Ace for Editor
  • acecatcher3
    haha afraid not sy! gutted bout this ban tho, that kfc was just a joke, im pretty sure all the other mods saw that, i even asked juliet bravo in a pm to vote hot, no infraction then, just a laugh from her. thought ray was cool also, nevermind!
  • ODB
    Rays a twat!
  • emasu
    Sad times man :(
  • kungfu
    i always thought the whole hot / cold thing was moronic anyway, like who doesnt know if they want to pay a certain price for something or not??? they need strangers to vote it hot first?? the whole kfc thing was blindingly just a running joke from ace they all know that , what do they think he was getting commission from a kfc franchise or summat, dumb.
  • charlie&lola
    You should know by now that trolling and talking complete codswallop is allowed and a sense of humour is not......
  • kungfu
    course trolling is allowed lol it brings huge amounts of replies hence more people staying on the site hence more people likely to be clicking links on deals....getting rid of the trolls makes NO sense for admin lol bet he loves them
  • edna_clouds
    You will be missed Luke.. Hopefully not for long though.. I think rayman should perhaps get a sense of humour transplant. He is certainly the mod that has got the least respect.. The whole site has been a much better place since you have been back. I hope the sensible mods can overturn this jealousy ban.. THIS IS WAY OVER THE TOP MODS.. Makes you think that some might of been worried about admin making you a mod.. I look forward to the YouTube links..
  • acecatcher3
    im thinking the mods and paul just want more youtube links haha! cheers for the comments guys. dont b giving rayman too hard a time, hes a good mod i think, just think he took that deal too seriously, everyone else knew it was a joke like! ive emailed paul but no reply as of yet :( might b a perm ban this time :( still think it was a little harsh banned for pming ppl to vote hot on a funny maybe i should have trolled more to keep a position on the site!!! ill work on my guns at the gym and get chrissy boy to post em up for u all :P
    This was a little harsh. As you were promoting your thread then you should just be banned from posting deals? I'm sure moving your deal it the misc would have been a better option and then be told not to post anymore KFC deals would have done the trick. I wonder how cold Rayman's next deal will be! lol Hope your back soon Ace!
  • acecatcher3
    cheers gavin, the real funny thing is that i was chatting to juliet bravo and she said "post some deals luke" so i did post a few deals, like dvds etc and then i posted this one for the lols, just generally to make ppl laugh......ironic that i got banned for it! i pmed two other mods before i pmed members (juliet and millarcat) askin them to vote hot and i wasnt told off then, they both loled at me................bit inconsistent like as im 100% sure that if it was really bad, jb would have warned me as she didnt want to see me banned again! still no reply from paul as of yet, ill keep ppl posted in here tho of any news.
  • ODB
    I can provide proof that Trolling IS allowed...I hae an e-mail saying so
  • magicbeans
    mods are really weird in the way that they are allowed to make decisions according to personal disputes.... take ducky infraction cos i replied to him a few years down the line (he said something like i will write tomorrow and i said...its been more than tomorrow!) loadsa ppl enjoyed the thread but he deleted all the comments and ave me infraction. then edi suspended me cos i queried why 'rayman is gay' is a member name! to be fair rayman has been supportitve...he said hed look into did admin...but jack squat so far...maybe said it to shut me up :( Ac3 is really sucks ur gone and over the silliest thing.
  • syzable
    Maybe they banned you to get this piece of crap site some hits. lol
  • Liddle m.
    I think I might go for both Seinfeld sets. Brilliant characters - each so uniquely flawed that you could guess how they would respond to the situation from the opening scene. Didn't make it any less funny when it happened though! :)
  • edna_clouds
    "Posted by syzable | February 25th, 2009 at 8:59 pm Maybe they banned you to get this piece of crap site some hits. lol" :)... probably had more hits tonight than it's ever had..
  • acecatcher3
    no word as of yet guys :( this really cud have been worked out, bannage wasnt needed
  • ants97
    dear god I can't believe the kfc "deal" actually made it onto here. When I predicted it would in the thread in misc I was kidding. I mean everyone knew it was a jokey deal and yet here it is. I think you got banned ace for making admin and the "writers" on here look daft. Maybe they should offer you a job. Keep up the sterling work bitterwallet fun monkeys.
  • barneydog
  • MinstrelMan
    more ace based lols........... I love you man.......... in the ass!
  • magicbeans
    missin u ace..... mods and admin are being really lame about this....
  • acecatcher3
    aye i cant believe paul, wont even chat bk on contact us. really is a mega stupid ban, i wasnt even a troll. brb ive had hatemail sent to my hotmail address from a couple of members on hukd lol saddos

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