HotUKDeals Of The Day - Wednesday 22nd December

hukd_logob1Here’s the best of the bargains from today’s bumper crop over at HotUKDeals. You’re not getting a second intro paragraph. So we’ll just get on with it...

833275_1Let’s not mince our words – it’s fucking freezing out there. Snot icicles, the lot. But some of us still have to go outside and it’s always to good to have something about your person to stop you from being completely killed to death from hypothermia.

How about some hats and gloves then? You can get a Thinsulate hat for just £1.00 or a pair or Thinsulate gloves for just £1.00. If you’re the kind of tosser who enjoys fannying about with a mobile phone, you can have some fingerless gloves at the price of two pairs for £1.00. Now shut up.

832977_1Next comes something you might need if you’re constructing your Christmas dinner out of canned goods – it’s a can opener. But not just any old can opener – this is one of the cheapest can openers imaginable.

It’s yours for only 2p and although it might only work on two occasions, a penny a go is still excellent value for some red hot can-opening action. No one can lose from this one.

833051_1Finally, a cast-iron way of turning just £2.00 into a million quid! And it isn’t even a pyramid scheme. We’ve ran our jeweller’s eyepiece over this one and there doesn’t seem to be a single loophole or catch involved.

Simply pay £2.00 for a Euromillions ticket on Christmas Eve and you’re GUARANTEED to become a millionaire. Hang on – we’ve just realised that is says 25 of you (UK residents) will become millionaires. Sorry about that – but good luck!

(deals found by HUKD members janz70, jay_leeds, grabbit and Dee_Kay86)


  • antz221
    its £2
  • Crossbow C.
    FAIL on your second link for the can links to fingerless gloves.
  • Duh...
    Here comes Santa with a big bag of fail.
  • Andy D.
    Errors rectified. Thank you for your understanding and sensitivity.
  • Nick T.
    Surprised you didn't use that tin opener thing to link to the chicken in a can again.
  • PokeHerPete
    Santa checking his list once, hes not checking it twice. FAIL

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