HotUKDeals Of The Day - Wednesday 21st October

hukd_logob1 Whenever we try and imagine the typical Bitterwallet reader, we like to think of someone who enjoys playing games on an evil-looking console, decorating their bathroom to make it look like a scene of slaughter and scoffing down a ton of sour cream and chive mini-pretzels until they go blue in the face.

That you is it? You wish. But it could be if you carefully follow today’s instructions, provided as ever by HotUKDeals

495374First up – a novelty shower curtain with that highly-desirable blood-spattered look, as seen in the film Psycho and paid homage to in the Christmas 1985 episode of Last Of The Summer Wine. Recreate either of those classic scenes for only £5.00.

Be sure to hang on to the receipt though – if you do happen to commit a gruesome murder in your shower at a later date, you can show it to the cops, thereby proving that the blood is fake and you’ll be off the hook.

495732Next, the Nintendo Wii - but with a twist. It’s easy to love the Wii – it’s chock-full of that trademark Nintendo cuteness, it stands at a proud-but-jaunty angle and it comes encased in lovely gleaming white plastic. Until now that is – say hello to Evil Wii.

Evil Wii comes in a blacker-than-black blackness – it’s even blacker than Alvin Stardust’s glove. A limited edition, it comes with Wii Sports, Sports Resort, a black Wii remote, nunchuck & Motion Plus. You can pre-order it ahead of its 6th November launch date at only £164.85.

495748Finally, who among you could possibly turn your nose up at a bag of sour cream and chive mini-pretzels if they were only going to set you back only 1p a bag? Of course not – although as HUKD’s ‘diabeticguy’ says: “I’m waiting to see if they reduce them further.”

At a penny each, you could buy a thousand bags for a mere tenner and set yourself up as your neighbourhood’s go-to guy when it comes to supplying sour cream and chive mini-pretzels. We’re pretty sure that this is how Sir Alan Sugar got started. Off you go then, before they sell out…

(deals found by HUKD members amibees, Jake1983 and Trosticles)

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  • Tom P.
    Didn't some twat (George W) nearly choke on said pretzels?....i'll buy some for the office manager, got to be the best 1p i've spent in a while.

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