HotUKDeals Of The Day - Wednesday 20th May

Following on from yesterday, when we brought you a rough guide to surviving the impending heatwave, we’re STILL gearing ourselves up for the clammiest, most uncomfortable season in living memory.

All of today’s bargains have been carted over from HotUKDeals and they’ll all help you get through the blazing heat of the upcoming months ahead.

On what seems to becoming National Crazy Beverage Day, Bitterwallet has already introduced you to low-fat water. Now we've got lager made from apples, but lager that isn’t really proper lager because there isn’t any alcohol in it. Still following us?

Anyway, you can get four cans of this so-called non-alcoholic apple lager for one single shiny pound coin right now, and our HUKD spotter recommends the stuff most highly.

Next, we’ve got some Mini Grow Kits with a range of available plants for you or your kids to raise as though… well, as though they were your kids, all through the summer. Venus Fly Traps, pumpkins and tomatoes are all available for £1.00 each.

As HUKDer krato says, you get “a mini terracotta pot, seeds, and compressed peat/cocopress tablet. Just add water to the compressed compost and bury the seeds, within a few weeks your chosen plant will start growing!” Unlike real kids, they won’t want to be taken to expensive theme parks or complain when you forgot to put sunscreen on them and their skin peels off.

Which should act as a reminder to stock up on sunscreen. We’ve found a deal for you on Nivea sun spray and after sun spray, with 200ml bottles reduced from £9.76 and £7.00 to just £3.00 each.

Be warned though – the sun spray is SPF15 and as such is probably no good to use on your kids, whether they come in plant or human form. Which means they’ll end up complaining when you put unsuitable sunscreen on them and their skin peels off. You can’t win – so is it really worth trying?

(deals found by MattWPBS, krato and Babbler)

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