HotUKDeals Of The Day - Wednesday 19th October

19 October 2011

new hukd logo Like it or not, we’re now well into the Christmas shopping period, and the best bargains of each day over at HotUKDeals have got very definite gifty whiff about them at the moment. Witnesss…

1039696_1There’s a couple of the most exciting US drama ‘serials’ available in complete box set form right now, both at hugely tempting prices. You can follow the endless capering of undercover hero-stroke-headcase Jack Bauer for only £40 – that’s eight whole ‘seasons’ plus the Redemption one-off.

If you like to concentrate more on the wrong side of the law, you can treat yourself (or someone else) to the complete collection of The Sopranos. Their shocking, illegal and exciting antics can also be had in DVD box set form for just £40.

1040090_1Next, we move on to toys. When we were younger, no toy cost more than £9.99 – that’s £10.99 in today’s money. Nothing broke, the batteries never went flat and you could get a medium-level high by licking the lead paint that they were all daubed in.

Not so these days – everything costs half a week’s wages, it’s all made from shitty plastic and the only way you can get high is by flogging them on eBay and spending what you’ve made on some crappy Ecstacy. Still – you can save a few quid on the 3-for-2 toy offer starting at Argos in the morning.

1039498_1Finally, something that can accompany you while you watch your American DVD box sets or while you’re up until 5am on Christmas Day morning assembling the stupid, hard-to-build toys that you forgot you’d bought back in October. IT’S WHISKY!

This is no ordinary whisky offer. Helpfully, it’s Jameson Irish Whiskey, which is, like, actually nice. Secondly, you get two free cinema tickets with a 70cl bottle. Or a free bottle of whisky with the two cinema tickets – it’s up to you how you look at it. But we hope you’ll decant some into a hip flask and smuggle it in when you go to see your movie.

(deals found by HUKD members simonmya69, jok13, hotshothilly and terriclarkfan)

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