HotUKDeals Of The Day - Wednesday 19th May

hukd_logob1 As Joey Boswell would have said, “Greetings.” Today, for your delectation, we bring the finest in grilling contraptions, some nuts and seeds, a modification for your beloved gaming device and the latest adventures of an iconic plumber.

All of that and more can be studied in further detail at HotUKDeals

681034Right, you bunch of wheezing, gasping, unfit bunch of bleeders, we’re going to help you get started and change that shattered husk that you laughably call your body into a lean, mean, surviving machine.

Firstly, start grilling your food with a George Foreman grilling machine for £10.00, half its RRP (there’s also a little trick at HUKD that could get you one for even less.) Also, push some vitamins, minerals, supplements and all that other good shit into your body with 50% off and even more discounts to be had with a special code.

659853Now then, if you’ve got a Nintendo DS, you can enhance it with an R4 card that is currently available for a mere £4.99. You can put it in your DS with a microSD card jammed in it and use it to turn your DS into a media player.

You’ll be able to use your DS for watching the movies and playing the music and reading the e-books and looking at the photos and all that. Someone just shouted something about pirated games but we don’t know anything about that type of stuff.

681924Finally today, a heads-up for a pre-order offer on the new Super Mario game for the Wii, Super Mario Galaxy 2, where Mario and the lads and lasses go jumping around and doing stuff. You can tell we haven’t played it yet can’t you?

Anyway, it can be pre-ordered for only £29.74 delivered. A bargain – you’ll spend so much time playing it that you’ll easily not get around to doing at least sixty quid’s worth of other things. Does that make sense? It does to us.

(deals found by HUKD members ultimateuser, millarcat, mugglesquop and amibees)


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    cheap domain and hosting and even cheaper advertising - are you nigerian - do you want to clean my monies ?
  • That t.
    Does the Mario game contain any of the footage we saw yesterday? If so, I'm on that deal like wario sucking on lugi's mushroom!

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