HotUKDeals Of The Day - Wednesday 18th March

Here we go once again with your daily buffet of the finest bargains around, carefully selected from the debris that is the HotUKDeals forum…

Plenty for you to get your teeth into today, from high-quality cables to nappy-honk eradication systems to a strange, bearded hippy with animals on his hands. Onwards…

Babies – they’re the best thing in the world, assuming of course that you get one that puts in a regular 11 hours of unbroken sleep every night and doesn’t have a face like an inverted elephant’s arse.

But by crikey, just like the elephant's poop-chute, they don't half create some apocalyptic niffs. In the absence of a contraption that will make a dirty nappy completely disintegrate in under a second, the next best thing is this – the Angelcare nappy disposal system. Normally £24.99, we’ll tell you how you can get one for just £7.50 delivered to your door.

Moving on, and you’ve probably noticed that cables are all the rage at the moment – there’s no hotter MP out there than the Lib Dems’ Vince Cable, and there’s been a lot of chat on Bitterwallet about some company or other who sell overpriced cables to mug punters – can’t remember what they’re called though.

No overpriced cables here though – we’ve sourced a Belkin 6ft gold-plated home theatre cable and a Belkin 12ft gold-plated digital camcorder firewire cable, both available for a pound apiece. Can you guess where that might be? Click here and here to find out.

Finally, if you dare, take a trip back into the distant garden of your tiny childhood mind. Does the word ‘Fingerbobs’ mean anything to you? If the answer is yes, you’ll now be thinking of either Fingermouse or the creepy, scarf-wearing Yoffi who controlled him, along with the scampi, tortoise and gull.

There’s a clip below to jog your memory. Eerie to the extreme and hardly Roary The Racing Car. Anyhoo, you can get a DVD of the complete Fingerbobs (or any other from of a wide range of vintage kid-telliness) for just £2.35 delivered – more info here.

(deals found by Miss MellyG, RoyalRenegade and amibees)


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    Good deals
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    Hats off to the Hot deals crew ......... HUKD rocks!

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