HotUKDeals Of The Day - Wednesday 17th November

hukd_logob1 If you suffer from asthma or anxiety or angina or anything else a bit iffy that begins with an ‘a’, you’d better round up your medication and cling on to the nearest sturdy object. Because today’s bargains are going to bust your health apart to bits!

There’s loads more where this pretty lot came from over at HotUKDeals. We’ll soon see ‘who cares’ and who doesn’t care...

801690_1If you’re looking to purchase some kind of Nintendo-flavoured game-playing contraption as a Christmas present for someone who you love so much that you’d like them to be otherwise occupied for huge swathes of time, you could be in luck.

There’s talk of 25% of all Nintendo game-playing contraptions in the offing, with an XL priced at £108.74, a Wii going for just £119.99 and a DSi that could be yours for a mere £93.74. Before long, the lucky recipient will be hooked on the games and you’ll be able to get some peace and quiet.

Sainsburys-Little-Ones-Fragranced-Baby-Wipes-80-There’s only two things that are certain in life – death and taxes. Oh, and possibly haircuts, almost everyone has haircuts. Oh, and spillages. Unless you live cooped up inside a hermetically-sealed bubble, chances are you’ll spill something at some point in your life.

Which is why baby wipes are so important (it’s said that prisoners use them as currency on the ‘inside’). From tomorrow, you can get wipes at just half of their regular RRP, with other baby-type styles of toiletries also included in the offer.

802196_1Finally today, a recurring favourite for us and, judging by the amount of heat it’s picked up, for you lot as well. It’s a dinosaur’s handful of chocolate bars. If indeed, dinosaurs had hands. And if they were the size of five-packs of the aforementioned bars.

We’re talking Mars Bars and we’re talking Snickers here people – the good quality stuff, and none of your cheap filth. And you can have five of them for just £1.00. As our work experience boy Maths Mike tells us, that’s only 20p per bar. Them’s 1981 prices – royal wedding anyone?

(deals found by HUKD members katya1971, darknessfairy and baggerofbargains)

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