HotUKDeals Of The Day - Wednesday 15th April

Time for us to try and cyber-mug you again, as we throw a bunch of deals in your face, stand back and see if you swallow any of them. Hurl! Splat! Gulp!

They’re some of the sweetest-tasting bargains that have cropped up on HotUKDeals over the last 24 hours, so don’t be afraid to cop a gobful.

Top of the pile today is this bargain Toshiba DVD player that also plays Divx files – apparently that’s a really good thing if you’re into the downloading of the illegal films and TV shows. So someone in the pub said.

We’re terrified of getting on the wrong side of Wolverine so we steer well away from that sort of shizzle. Still, for just £22.97, it’s a desirable and affordable piece of modern machinery.

Next, and we bring this one to you with a very heavy heart indeed, Ryanair have announced another cheap flight sale with seats going for £2.50 each way (including taxes)

Sounds like a miracle and in a sense it is. Factor in all of their other fees, charges and levies and the price goes up pretty quickly. But there are some bargains to be had there so it’s worth taking a look.

Finally, a plug for one of the most underrated comedies of recent years; 15 Storeys High, written by and starring the mighty Sean Lock. It was shunted away in the BBC3 graveyard slot when it first came out but it refuses to go away.

It’s the sort of show with a reputation that never seems to stop growing and you can get both series for a knockdown total price of £10.99 – have a look below for a tempting, albeit Lockless clip. See if you can work out which former Shooting Stars team captain plays the part of the silver man…

(deals found by thilee, nixxx38 and vdot)

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  • Mike S.
    "So someone in the pub said." That Knock-off Nigel been bothering you again?

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