HotUKDeals Of The Day - Wednesday 14th October

hukd_logob1 Like boxes and the things that come in them? Great! Take a peek inside our box marked ‘Deals Of The Day’ then. It’s been delivered direct from HotUKDeals. Woot, and indeed, woot! And woot again.

490347As Noel Coward (or one of that lot) famously sang about his favourite brand of beer: “Bud, Bud, glorious Bud, nothing quite like it for queering the blood.” Or at least we think he did. Anyway, it’s as catchy as hell and everyone round here is singing it. While drinking loads of cheap Budweiser.

It’s a cardboard box filled to bursting with 20 (count ‘em) bottles of the yellow peril for only £8.00. If that doesn’t represent a fizzy, slightly sickly bargain, then we’re representatives of the Czech company who invented the original drink only to later see it half-inched by imperialist American pigdogs.

490381Next, another cardboard box, this one filled with hour after hour of misery-flavoured mirth. Yes, it’s a collection of the first six series of Larry David’s Curb Your Enthusiasm – a total of 60 episodes for only £44.99 delivered.

Some people have called Curb ‘Marmite TV’ – in so much as you’ll either love it or hate it. But what should be pointed out is that if you hate Curb, you’re completely wrong in the head. Whereas if you love Marmite you should be showered in the shitty stuff until you can’t breathe no more. Oh, and the new (seventh) series of the mighty Curb starts on More4 tomorrow night.

490619Finally, another box, but not one fashioned from flimsy cardboard. This one is made from good, tough British plastic. Or maybe it’s Chinese. What do we care? Have you SEEN the time we're writing this at?

It’s a Western Digital Elements 1TB desktop hard drive and is going for only £59.97. Insert your own lame gag about storing all your porn on it yourself. We’re as sick as pigdogs and the backspace button has stopped working since we spilled Budweiser on the keyboard. Get yourself to HUKD to sit in on the row over whether this hard drive is any use or not…

(deals found by HUKD members 400lbBench, andywedge and Starr)


  • Why I.
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  • Brian
    Hi, Brian here. I bought a 1TB Seagate desktop HD for my "Special Video" collection from eBay for £49.99. It was sold by ebuyer, who have an account with eBay.

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