HotUKDeals Of The Day - Wednesday 12th May

hukd_logob1 We’re hours into the reign of a fragile new government and the coldest May night ever has already been recorded by the guys in the temperature club. Never mind, because one thing will never change – the hotness of the hot deals we bring you every day (except weekends, obviously).

How do we know they’re hot? Cos they’re from HotUKDeals, silly!

john-terry-england-home-shirtThe World Cup is a month away and it’s already starting to go horribly tits-up for Coach Capello’s England. John Terry is having his foot looked at RIGHT NOW after becoming the Official Broken Metatarsal Sufferer for 2010.

Now you can dress up as Terry and hobble around the garden for less – there’s at least 20% off the price of England shirts (and the shirts of selected other World Cup nations) until the end of today. Possible Quidco action there too, unlike Terry whose only action of the summer could be weeping openly as England lift the World Cup without him.

675982Next comes a must-buy if you’re thinking about launching a sustained campaign of arse-wind in the direction of your nearest and dearest. Granted, it’s not an activity that will suit everyone, but like our new pretend government, we’re a broad church and there’s something for everyone.

You can launch the aforementioned campaign with bluster and style by bagging yourself an eight-tin pack of Heinz Beanz for only £2.16. Trump on you beautiful people, trump on…

676419(Get this for an amazing link from one deal to another) If you’re one of those people who can only handle half a tin of beans at a time, you’ll be needing a fridge to keep the leftovers in until you’re ready to re-bean yourself.

Obviously, not everyone has a fridge (hmmm, the link is starting to crumble away here now) but you can affordably acquire one TODAY for the low, low price of only £125.94 delivered. And did we mention that it’s got a freezer as well? Well it has! (the strength of the link completely disappears there - no one freezes baked beans)

(deals found by HUKD members dily9, hotmik and amibees)

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