HotUKDeals Of The Day - Wednesday 11th May

hukd_logob1 Earlier than normal, due to industrial action by technicians (the BWHQ telly is knackered), it’s your round-up of the finest bargains gathered from miles around by the savings technicians over at HotUKDeals

935718_1If you think about it, cheese is a bit like gold. No one really knows how it’s made or where it’s come from, it’s a universally-loved gift and it glimmers in the sunshine. Hooray for cheese!

Right now, you can stock up on some of the finest cheese out there – it’s Cathedral City Mature and is infinitely preferable to the Immature version that just dribbles out of the packet and ruins your shoes. You can get two 350g chunks of the beautiful stuff for only £2.50 at the moment.

935953_1Are you aware of the craze that is the Hexbugs? They’re micro-robotic creatures that can crawl around and flip over and everything. They might be living, breathing organisms, like worms and flies or they might not be. The literature doesn’t make it entirely clear.

What IS clear though is that the kids dig them and they’re normally between £7 and £12 each. You can scoff at those kinds of prices if you so wish and snap some up for only £1.44 apiece at the moment. Oh, and they can do unexpected actions as well. So they probably are at least part-human.

935728_1Finally, cheese. No, sorry, we’ve done cheese. Finally, some magazines (six issues in fact) and a USB stick. You can store stuff on the stick, hide things between the pages of the magazine, see how high you can throw the stick purely for shits and giggles and burn the magazines to keep warm afterwards when you’re bored.

All of that for the poxy cost of a single pound coin. The magazine is Computer Active, the stick holds a single gigabyte of data, and if you don’t cancel the direct debit before the final issue arrives, you might end up regretting the whole thing.

(deals found by HUKD andym6561, uglybeautyqueen and terriclarkfan)

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  • David
    Hexbugs? They're dodgy Chinese copies of Hexbug nanos - called laughingly enough Hexbug nanas. Are you really promoting the sale of illegal coprighted materal now? Where shall I download the next Harry Potter from? ;-)

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