HotUKDeals Of The Day - Wednesday 11th March

With our fellow editors Paul S. and Andy D. both out of the BW HQs today, there's no one to feed me lunch (they usually do). Paul is twitchhiking across the U.S.A. on a bus full of immigrants trying to steal his laptop, while Andy is fighting off a man flu with courage, in bed.

"McFlurrys are the secret to eternal life. And custard," he says, as he hoards the dessert like the elixir of life and the ultimate flu cure.

So as I sit here all by myself, hoping that a 3 course meal would fall from the sky, I decided instead to take some responsibility to whip myself up a good meal, for once.

The good news is: there's some good deals today, thanks to our fellow readers on HUKD:

First is a 1kg bag of Tesco Long Grain Rice reduced to just 50 pence from £1.65 (thanks to mummy2harry). "But isn't basmati rice better?" some of you ask. Of course, it sure doesn't take a wine connoisseur to tell them apart, but at 50p a bag, I am just going to down this like a cheap glass of wine to replace the depleting insulin levels. what if the rice does taste like crap, you ask? It's okay, I have a cure. According to a childhood friend turned chef wannabe, mixing rice with ketchup is the perfect combination.  "It goes down like cheap pasta with tomato sauce," he once said.

And Morrisons has made that affordable today for me at £1 for 2 342g squeezy bottles of Heinz Tomato ketchup. I won't need both bottles, so I'll make sure to send one to Andy, as an alternative to soup. It mixes nicely with the McFlurry and custard too. that I've just downed two food items frowned upon by most modern day health experts, it may not be a bad idea to keep an eye out on my ever increasing weight.

Which is why a Salter electronic scale with a 15 year guarantee for just 50p may very well be worth it, especially since it comes with 2 Lithium CR2032 batteries, worth more than 50p alone (thanks, thekudos!) Fingers crossed I'll find one in the local store.

Finally, maybe for dinner, I'm going to feast on a proper Slovakian steak with basmiti rice to make up for my below average late lunch, as SkyEurope is offering flights from £17.50 to various destinations in Eastern Europe (thanks, sconto). Flights are available from both London and Manchester.

Remember to bring ketchup.


  • The B.
    Basmiti rice? Is that like basmati rice?
  • Rich
    That scales is for weighing food mate... Not yourself.
  • meee!
    Your friend's not wrong! Fry up some cooked rice or rice vermicelli with ketchup, shredded chicken or prawns, add a dash of nam pla (fish sauce) to season, add coriander to garnish and serve. It makes a good Pad Thai style noodle dish!
  • -=Mike H.
    Rich, he could be 1 half of big cook little cook, being the latter ofcourse

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