HotUKDeals Of The Day - Wednesday 10th November

hukd_logob1 Back again by popular-ish demand, we bring you some of the finest bargains that have become known to man over the past 24 hours. Every one of them a jewel that is crying out to be bought by you and you and you. We were pointing at different ones of you there.

Now we’re pointing at HotUKDeals, because that’s where all the deals came from.

796839_1Who among us, be we old or young, can say we don’t enjoy the work of porcine cartoon heroine Peppa Pig? Whether it’s the episode where she invents a brand new flavour of gravy or the episode where she is hospitalised with gravy poisoning, every single one is a winner.

Now you can recreate those along with other classic tales by getting yourself a set of Peppa Pig play figures for the knock-down price of only £4.99. Better still, you can form the well-loved and well-known Peppa Pig Band with a set of Peppa instruments, down from £49.99 to just £14.99. PARP!

796521_1Now, here’s one for those of you who enjoy pouring hot, warm, sticky, sugary dark liquids down your throat. To be more specific, pouring almost three and a half litres of the aforementioned liquid down the aforementioned throat.

The liquid in question is Coca Cola, and while you might not like it hot or warm, there’s nothing in the rules that says you can’t. But, to get back to the point you can get ten 330ml cans for just £1.97. Fizzy!

796752_1Finally, as the nights draw in, we have to rethink what we wear in the evenings. The temperature is dropping and OUT goes thongs, sweatbands and nipple tape. Instead, in comes cosy pyjamas that will keep us all warm and snug.

You’ve come to the right place then. Let us reveal to you two pairs of cosy print pyjamas for only £20. Mmm, feel the comfort. And, there’s 10% Quidco cashback to be had as well. Which is also lovely.

(deals found by HUKD members ilovepink, nicster08 and Unbelieving)

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