HotUKDeals Of The Day - Wednesday 10th August

new hukd logo Let’s not mess about here. It’s a phone, a shovel and a tablet computer. If you’re unhappy with the first one and the third one, you can smash them up with the second one. BELIEVE.

Oh, we almost forgot. HotUKDeals yeah?

993348_1Men! Could there be anywhere on earth that is better than San Francisco? We doubt it, but the big cheeses at Orange don’t agree with us. That’s why they’ve pumped out a new phone that they’re calling the Monte Carlo. Ah yeah, Monte Carlo – that place pisses all over San Francisco.

And the Monte Carlo phone is allegedly significantly superior to the San Francisco. It even costs more, although it’s still cheap. You could get yourself one for only £110.00 with a £10.00 free credit. THAT’S exactly how it feels to live in the real San Francisco. BELIEVE.

993002_1Men! A recent survey that we’ve just made up suggested that if you could have one single wish granted to you by a magic fairy, it would be that you were granted the ability to carry a shovel around with you at all times. Partly in case a shovelling emergency arose and partly just for the hell of it.

Your dreams are about to become a reality. Say/wave hello to the folding shovel. It’s made by Gelert, and we’ve no reason not to believe that they’re the best in the world at doing shovels. Apart from Spear & Jackson. Would you believe it if we said it was only £3.97? BELIEVE.

993308_1Men! Some more technology. As we reported earlier today, Samsung have been ordered to withdraw their Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet thingy after Apple’s lawyer’s came round and started causing aggro. Shame. But not if you’re Viewsonic.

You know – Viewsonic. Makers of the Viewpad 10 tablet. It dual-boots Windows 7 and Android and there’s a whole bunch of other stuff about it that we can’t be arsed to tell you about. The important fact is that it will only set you back £174.97. BELIEVE.

(deals found by HUKD members FatLadZ, electriclinux and mweb6161)

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