HotUKDeals Of The Day - Valentines Eve!

Quick one today – if any of this is of any interest to you, you probably don’t have time to mess about. Remember it’s Valentines Day tomorrow. Forgot had you? Don’t panic.

Here’s a few suggestions for last minute gifts that might just get you out of the unromantic hole you’ve dug yourself into. They're all supermarket-based deals so you might be able to pop out and grab one. Don’t thank us, thank HotUKDeals

There’s a dozen roses for just £4.99 if you follow this link. Can’t vouch for the quality of them (they ARE only £4.99 after all) but they’re Fairtrade so you might score a few points for that. You heartless idiot.

Failing that, go for the stomach rather than the heart and present your loved one with a nice tub of Haagen Dazs ice cream - £2.50 for a 500ml tub here at the moment. It could help you mask the fact that you’ve made a colossal error but your chances of getting to lick some of it from an intimate part of your better half are slim to zero.

Finally, the gift that keeps on giving – the gift of song. Click here to find out where you can nab an acoustic guitar for just £15. Then you’re on your own with your own musical ability to see you through. Why not peruse the Bitterwallet Radio list for inspiration? You’ll find the first singles ever bought by some of our discerning readers and if that doesn’t inspire you, nothing will. C’est La Vie by B*Witched anyone?

(deals found by andywedge, noddle36 and saz2696)


  • Lumoruk
    Should we not have a female editor putting on what they would like to receive?
  • Andy D.
    I don't follow - they're all non gender specific. I'd love to receive roses, ice cream and be serenaded and I'm all man. That's right people, I'm as macho as they get. Oh yes.
  • Kevan
    I quote: Posted by Lumoruk | February 13th, 2009 at 6:36 pm Should we not have a female editor putting on what they would like to receive? end quote. Should we not have a female editor taking off what we would like to see ;)

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