HotUKDeals Of The Day - Tuesday March 3rd

Looking for an evening of action incorporating high speed music, high octane motoring and some mild astronomy? Oh yes, you’re in the right place then. Let Deals Of The Day be your cooler-than-thou peer and guide to double hipness.

Just do what we do, don’t say anything stupid and we’ll try and pretend you didn’t wear those purple trousers you’ve got on. Oh and say thanks to your Uncle HotUKDeals. High five!

Music fans! What could be better in 2009 than The Prodigy returning to the sounds that made them famous 15 years ago? We know, it’s too good to be true – music that sounds like a screwed car alarm combined with shouty mouth noises from the Firestarter himself, Keith Flint, who must be 50 if he’s a day old.

If you’re as keen on the idea as we are, click here to find out where you can get said brand new album for the low, low price of just £3.00. Accciiiiiiieeeeeed!

Back when The Prodigy were popular the first time around, we used to enjoy nothing more than driving around nearby town centres in our souped up Peugeot 106 with the music blaring out of the windows while we did mad skids that made smoke come off the tyres and everything. The 15-year old chicks used to love it.

But now we’re grown up and we’ll be playing the new Prodigy CD in the Subaru Impreza 2.5 wrx  that we’ve just taken delivery of. Its UK list price is £19,677 but ours was on the road and smoking for just £12,995. Find out how here.

Things have changed though, and instead of trying to impress girls that are young enough to be our daughters (but definitely aren’t – we ALWAYS kept our socks on) we now like to head somewhere quiet, unfurl our telescope and gaze at the heavens.

Our telescope of choice you ask? Why it’s this one – the Draper 45801. But you probably already guessed that we’re Draper 45801 men didn’t you. Get your greasy hands off ours and get your own for just £47.99 here.

(deals found by FilthAndFurry, mudds and skuesy)

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