HotUKDeals Of The Day - Tuesday January 5th

hukd_logob1 The nation is one huge moaning icicle. Thanks to the help of HotUKDeals, we can start the thaw – with bargains!

574120If you’ve recently spent more than is good for you staring at some fat men on telly hurling pointed bits of tungsten into a circular board, you’ll agree wholeheartedly when we say ‘life is darts and darts is life.’ It’s true.

You might even fancy taking up the arras (yes, you read that right) as a career. If you do, the glitzy PDC version of the sport is probably well out of your reach. But, put in a year or two’s practice on this £27.99 set, comprising of a dartboard, cabinet and two sets of darts and you should be good enough to breeze into the quarter finals of the BDO world finals.

574476With Britain freezing itself to a standstill this week, leaving the house for any great length of time isn’t advisable, and statistics show that if you undertook such a trip, you’d have a 3% chance of survival. Eek!

But it won’t always be like Siberia in the UK and you can pick up a lovely Trespass Kazan fleece jacket for as little as £8.98 – it’ll keep you cosy in March when the average temperature is at a much more satisfactory level of just freezing point.

574502Finally, Britain has gone dancing crazy! It could be a symptom of the fact that all the TV stations follow each other around like sheep, endlessly copying any half-baked idea that becomes a hit, or it might be because we’re all fucking freezing.

Either way, you can get a taste for the dance craze with the cryptically-titled Nintendo Wii game Just Dance. It’s only £16.00 delivered right now, which our calculations tell us works out at just 0.8p per dance! If you do, like, loads of dances that is.

(deals found by HUKD members Mwesty, jorsayboy and soccergoods)

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