HotUKDeals Of The Day - Tuesday April 7th

Here we go again, bringing you three of the finest deal-flavoured truffles from the dark, spooky forest that is HotUKDeals.

Dust the muck off them, poach them for five minutes and suck ‘em down. Suck ‘em down hard children!!

You might baulk at the idea of the Krypton Factor’s blend of brainular and brawnular testing. Likewise, you might be left cold by the thought of competing in Total Wipeout, BBC1’s souped-down, health and safety-friendly It’s A Knockout rip-off. But how about getting a few quid out of Tesco? How’s that for a challenge?

If that gets your dander up, click here. There’s an army of HotUKDeals users currently attempting to get Tesco to honour a fantastic deal for Cadburys Collection Easter eggs – two for just £3, a saving of nearly £11. Check out the thread for instructions telling you how you can get involved… or just sit back and read the whole thing, marvelling at the efforts of some of the dogged HUKDers.

If you DO manage to get your eggs at the rock bottom price of two for £3, you might want to celebrate by taking photographs of them. If you like, you can do it from 40 different angles. You’ll even be able to get them printed out for free.

That’s because new customers at Kodak Gallery can get 40 free prints at the moment. Just sign up, upload your snaps and and a fistful of free pics will soon be heading in your direction.

You might like to take your pics with you if you explore today’s final deal. It’s the chance to get tickets for three of Blackburn Rovers’ remaining home matches this season for just £20 in total (£10 for concessions.)

Take your 40 weird pictures of a couple of Easter eggs to show off to your fellow fans and you’ll soon have some friends for life. They’ll probably club together and buy you a season ticket for next year… as long as you promise to bring the egg pictures!

(deals found by karri123, duckmagicuk2 and Ricky)

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