HotUKDeals Of The Day - Tuesday 9th November

hukd_logob1 What cut-price treasures have we unearthed for you all today then? Well there’s pizzas, DVDs about the horrors of World War 2 and DVDs about sex-mad slatterns getting pissed in New York.

Something for nearly everyone then as usual, and it’s all thanks to HotUKDeals

795731_1The influence of the hit TV series ‘Sex! In The City!’ continues to loom large in popular culture in 2010, even though both film versions of the show were a complete crock of shite.

Now you can take yourself back to the heady days of its golden era by getting your grubby mittens on the DVD box set of the whole thing for only £29.99. Failing that, you could go out and get the DVD homage from TV’s Loose Women's er, women instead.

796054_1Everyone loves Goodfellas’ Deep Pizzas – they’re the same ones that featured largely in the seminal film ‘Goodfellas’ Deep Pizzas’ and also in its sequel, ‘Casino! Deep Pizzas!’ Now you can buy one for £2.49 and get two free.

Flavours included in this promotion include Ham & Pineapple, Loaded Cheese, Meat Feast and Pepperoni. Whoops – no sign of that other Mafia pizza favourite, Horse’s Head In The Bed That Has Slept With The Fishes then… ha ha ha!

796117_1Finally today, another DVD box set, and one that you’ll learn from by watching five minutes of than from sitting through the entirety of ‘Sex! In The City!’. It’s ‘The World At War’, the ultimate account of World War 2 and the Nazis and that.

This is the brand new ultimate edition, with digitally remastered thingymabobs and whatnots, and at only £21.99, is surely worth buying even if you’ve got the original. Now let’s see the so-called ‘Loose Women’ go on a jolly up to Auschwitz shall we?

(deals found by HUKD members FoX5, zelery and wizzkid)


  • dearieme
    "a jolly up to auschwitz"?? seriously-can you sink any lower andy? vile comment!
  • Scott W.
    Some of the links here are mixed up :S
  • whoochec
    I'd equate sex and the city with a war crime - or a crime against intelligence any day of the week.

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