HotUKDeals Of The Day - Tuesday 9th June

Boof! Here come the deals of the day again – the best bargains of the past 24 hours, all courtesy of HotUKDeals.

Yesterday this feature cropped up at the start of the day while today it’s right at the end. It’s like a little sprite or something! What time will it show up tomorrow? Who cares??

Right then, some intensive research has shown that if you’re a regular Bitterwallet reader, there’s a strong chance that you’re a hip hop fan with a few gaps in your collection or one who lost most of his/her hip hop collection in an unexplained fire. Seriously.

So this is just the bargain for you – almost 300 rap CDs reduced and starting as low as £2.99. There’s tons of classic stuff in there (random example below) as well as stuff by Black Eyed Peas. Go and fill your phat hip hop boots as Tim Westwood might possibly say.

Next, here comes HUKDer bigsky, armed with talk of “£1.50 for a a lukewarm bag of greasy low-grade meat product.” Mmm, sounds like our kind of deal, tell us more!

Amazingly, bigsky is a detractor and not the advocator of the deal in question, a whole cooked chicken for 150p, on offer at the moment at a top supermarket. But don’t take it lightly – those chickens died for you. Those juicy, delicious pre-cooked chickens…

Finally, if you’re an intellectual with a Nintendo DS, this is the deal for you. You can bag 100 Classic Books all trapped inside one tiny cartridge for the rock-bottom price of just £9.99 – yes intellectuals, that’s 9.99p per book!

Titles included include The Stuff Of Things, Greg’s Eggs, The Adventures Of Jock The Invisible Taxi, The Fattest Candle In Candleton and All Aboard The Gonorrhea Shuttle Bus. Not really, but there’s only so much research we can be arsed to do at this end of the day.

(deals found by dancrawley, joe119 and whizzkid)

Below: Liquid Swords by Genius/Gza


  • Francis R.
    Dat deal for da 100 hip CD's is well mint and iz da shizzle innit bruv, I iz gonna whack ma bitch off, and yeh a mean ma nob innit.
  • sosodeff
    An absolutely classic track, made my morning that has. Cheers!

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