HotUKDeals Of The Day - Tuesday 8th March

hukd_logob1 It’s Pancake Day! And International Women’s Day! So now that the ladies are out of the way, shackled to the cooker, flipping pancakes hither and thither, let’s highlight some brilliant bargains that are JUST FOR THE BOYS.

We’re joking obviously (we’re not) but if you’re of a female persuasion, there might be something pink and sweet-smelling over at HotUKDeals. Just get your fella to show you how the computer works first eh? Don’t want anything to blow up now do we?

893351_1Who fancies a bit of Killzone 3 then eh guys? Available on the PS3, it involves blasting the shit out of people and stuff and is a right hoot no doubt. It utilises the Playstation Move knobstick waving thing and is probably great when you’re pissed out of your head or off your nut on pills. Although we wouldn’t recommend all that sort of stuff.

Amazing scenes. But not as amazing as the fact that you can get it today for only £27.99 delivered. You’ve got a choice of vendors – the highly-rated Amazon corporation or the also-reputable bunch of people. Both for £27.99.

893182_1Next comes a DAB radio – a particularly manly one as well, so that all the blokes can gather around together and listen to stuff like Talksport with Andy Gray and Richard ‘Smash It’ Keys. But without touching each other while they’re gathered around. Safe spaces guys, yeah?

The radio is a Magibox Volante and while it might sound the name of a poncy early 1980s New Romantic synth group, it’s actually a burly piece of kit that a woman would never be seen dead with. Available in tough-guy black, it’s only £17.99 delivered.

892832_1Finally for today, as we know, spring is in the air, the sap is rising and we can imagine that most of you thrusting young bucks are getting a bit randy. But before you indulge in a torrid bout of you-know-what, make sure you strap on a contraceptive sheath, lest you be saddled with a painful STI or worse still, a child.

There’s a sale of Durex condoms and lubes (no, us neither) on at the moment, with 50% off. That’s 50% off the price as opposed to 50% off the protection levels, which would be catastrophic. Eh fellas? EH??

(deals found by HUKD members merb0786, lisawilcox, Sliwka and amazonhunter)


  • akiss
    Why not 50% off sex?
  • Cheesey
    You need lubes for backdoor action.

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