HotUKDeals Of The Day - Tuesday 7th July

Deals Of The Day is on the run from the police. The luuurvve police to be precise. Today’s offers are all soaked in the warm juices of romance. And that.

That squelching noise you can hear? That’s HotUKDeals – they’re the masters of the art. The art of luuurvve. And that.

First off, we head to Agent Provocateur, where there’s a sale. Oh yes, we know how to use the words that turn you all on. Sale. Say it. Sale. Oooohhhhhh…

Anyway, in the sale (ooooohhhhhh, awwwwwwww, errrrrrrrrr) there’s up to 50% off bras, tights, pants, medical supports, hernia belts, butt plugs and pink lycra panther costumes. Or so we assume – we’re too aroused to even look. Woof!

Next, blindfolds. Spice up your love exchange in the bedroom, the bathroom and/or the airing cupboard by tying each other’s eyes up inside the warm, snug confines of a sexy blindfold.

This matching pair are just 90p, with free delivery (and no, that doesn't mean what you think it means). If 90p is too much for you to pay, you could try turning the lights off, shutting your eyes or drinking some embalming fluid, which may cause temporary blindness. Sexy temporary blindness.

Nine months down the line, and because you were addled on embalming fluid, you completely forgot to use any contraception during your love manoeuvres. Owwwwww! Baaaaaaabbbby!

Assuming it hasn’t been removed by social services because of your addiction to the aforementioned embalming fluid, you can help welcome your accidental offspring into this world with this half price Huggies Newborn Changing Kit – only £5.49. Grrrrrrr… and that.

(deals found by HUKD members millarcat, andywedge and IndianaBlues)


  • The S.
    That Agent Provocateur site has some VERY HOT chicks
  • Hernia S.
    Hernia info for those who need it. These days keyhole surgery (laparoscopic surgery) is recommended. And the link I put in will take you to a doctor's site who does laparoscopic surgery at a hospital just south of the US border, so you get American health care standards at Mexican prices. Hope it helps some folks. I remember my hernia was mighty uncomfortable but that was before keyhole was in vogue. Ouch.

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