HotUKDeals Of The Day - Tuesday 6th October

hukd_logob1When we try and imagine the typical Bitterwallet reader, we like to think of a snooker/pool-loopy biscuit-guzzler who enjoys watching children cause havoc in airports.

That’s you? You’re kidding! Well hey, today’s deals are perfect for you, you weirdo. Don’t thank us, thank HotUKDeals.

484165Show me a man who doesn’t want a pool table in his house and we’ll instantly label him either blind, stupid, insane or dead. So we’re expecting an outpouring of love from you all for finding you a seven footer for only £114.99.

That’s down from a RRP of £299.99 – a hell of a saving. Trouble is though, it’ll take up so much space and be used so little that you’ll only keep it there on the off-chance that you might get to have sex on it one day. Oh, and you can play snooker on it too.

483561Next, a chance to immortalise the images of someone you love on a mug. Or maybe someone you hate, or a complete random, like Peter Reid, Sammy Davis Jr or Bea Arthur. It’s up to you.

No really, it is. All you have to do is buy a packet of biscuits for 99p and use the code printed on the packet to get yourself a personalised picture mug for a further 99p (to cover the postage) Oh and it’s one per household before you start wetting yourselves silly.

484463Finally, an item that Dragons Den-dweller Theo Paphitis tore apart in a matter of seconds, but it survived to live another day! Of course, it’s Trunki, the suitcase for kids that they can ride around on.

Because, yes, that’s just what busy airport check-in areas need isn’t it? Children with no co-ordination zooming around well below eye-level on plastic wheel-rams! Amazing. And now you can get a ladybird Trunki for just £26.24 delivered, instead of the usual £35. And knee-pads for the grown-ups? Get stuffed.

(deals found by HUKD members steve_hn, spicy_gal and lucerysmum)

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