HotUKDeals Of The Day - Tuesday 6th April

hukd_logob1 What have crisps, a home cinema kit and a digital tyre inflator all got in common? Not a frigging thing, that’s what, suckers.

No, wait, they’re all featured in our Deals Of The Day thing here, now. Thanks to HotUKDeals that is.

650096If you’re a fan of eating the crisps, this is one offer you’ll feel duty-bound to chase up. Ahead of the World Cup this summer, The Walker’s Crisp Conglomeration have cooked up a batch of many different flavours, to tie in with some of the teams that will be thrashing around on the grass of South Africa during the tournament.

You can get these special flavours in two 6-packs for just £2.00 (normally £1.28 per pack). Mind you, Scottish Haggis and Welsh Rarebit are among the flavours, and as neither Scotland nor Wales are in the World Cup Finals, it just goes to show what a load of old bollocks the whole thing really is.

650129Want a home cinema experience? In other words, want to feel as though you’re in a cinema without hundreds of other arseholes being there, wankily kicking the back of your seat and unnecessarily scoffing down snacks as if they were less than two hours away from starving to death?

You could do a lot worse than invest in the Samsung Z120R home cinema kit – currently available for a mere £89.97. Although when we say you could do a lot worse, we mean that you could just wire up some yoghurt pots with string and amplify them by putting them inside some cheap blue plastic bags. That would be a lot worse.

649860Finally, some great news from the world of home tyre inflation. That’s the world where you inflate a tyre at home, not where you inflate a tyre that is ON your home. As far as we know, home tyres don’t exist, unless you’ve got a mobile home or another type of home that has a tyre on it that we can’t think of. Over to you, pedants.

Anyway – cut the flim flam. It’s a digital tyre inflator and it’s £16.30 delivered if you can wait for the thing to come back into stock or £17.72 if you want one from an alternative seller that has them in stock now, as we write this, in the middle of the night (don’t ask)

(deals found by HUKD members Groaver, Daf and RedonRed)


  • jp
    can't see the need for the foul language!
  • Tom P.
    @ jp just stick around, you'll hear loads more profanity....mostly directed at you.

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