HotUKDeals Of The Day - Tuesday 4th November

Time to get smart with some snazzy threads for not many quids – tips courtesy of the bargain-mining sharp-shooters at HotUKDeals. Today, we’re trying to help you weigh up whether or not you should make that purchase.

Suit for £30

PROS: How much? Plus, it’s cheaper still if you use this voucher. Costs about the same as a top-notch dry clean. The world’s first disposable suit anyone?

CONS: Might be likely to give off hair-raising levels of static electricity – although after much debate on the HUKD forums, the consensus is that it doesn’t.
(deal found by Monkey1964)

Clearance sale @ Knickerbox (Up To 70% Off)

PROS: We get to ferret around looking at loads of pics of women in their undercrackers. Posters on HUKD get to make loads of double entendres. Erm, that’s about it.

CONS: We all end up ordering loads of stuff we think our partners will look great in. She duly takes one look at said stuff, says, “Do you honestly think I’m going to wear THAT just for your benefit?,” calls you a “sick little pervert” and then puts on a warm, comfortable velour body suit. Fun over before it’s even begun.
(deal found by juliet_bravo)

Inflatable Sumo Wrestler Suit (RRP £29.99) - £6.99

PROS: You get to stomp about looking like a 40-stone wall of Oriental blubber. Drunken nights out enhanced by near-invincibility. You get to do stuff like HUKD member Paddy_o_furniture did (video below)

CONS: You become a walking target for any demented madman who fancies bagging himself a Sumo-shaped notch on his knacking-belt. Local teenage knifesmiths also have a go and you’re deflated in seconds. You might also be too fat to get into the suit in the first place.
(deal found by hedd)

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  • Männerunterwäsche
    Hi people... thank you, but why oh why does this underwear seem to be red??

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