HotUKDeals Of The Day - Tuesday 3rd November

hukd_logob1 Whenever we try and imagine the typical Bittterwallet reader, we like to think of a Blackberry-owning fool who is content to shovel crisps into their gobs while clapping their hands at a laughing monkey toy that is rolling across the floor.

That you? We know it is. You’ll love today’s bargains from HotUKDeals then…

517871Pringles. Are they the most moreish crisp on mankind’s Planet Earth? Improbably fronted by a David Seaman lookalike and looking as though they’ve been manufactured from some kind of template, they should be everything that is wrong about the crisp.

But they’re not – they’re as addictive as playing Football Manager 2010 while wearing a face mask that pumps crystal meth straight into your mush. And now you can get a buy one get one free at just 99p for two – the Pringles that is, not the face masks.

518247“Hey, everyone, shut up and leave me alone while I check my email on my Blackberry.” That’s the cry that’s ringing out all across the UK – well at least from the people who have got Blackberrys… when they’re checking their emails (which is most of the time).

Now you can be part of this crazy cult as well – with a Blackberry Pearl 8110 on T-Mobile pay as you go with one year’s internet absolutely free of charge. All for only £87.95. Honestly, the plusses just keep on mounting up. The negatives? It’s not a JesusPhone.

518352Finally today, who here can truly say they’ve never wanted to own a toy monkey that rolls around on the floor while howling with laughter? It’s almost certainly the kind of thing that would amuse and amaze for literally minutes.

Worry no longer – you dream is about to become a reality. All you have to do is part with the small sum of just £9.99 and before you know it, there’ll be a plush monkey perambulating around your home, annoying one and all with its wretched guffawing. No need to thank us!

(deals found by HUKD members The Giant Peach, techsavvy and amibees)

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