HotUKDeals Of The Day - Tuesday 3rd February

Here’s today’s massive portion of pulsating bargains – designed to satisfy you and your loved one beyond your wildest dreams. All delivered firmly and rhythmically from the throbbing members at HotUKDeals.

Following on from our budget romance feature, here’s some more current deals that could send your loved one to the heights of ecstacy. While crucially saving yourself a few bob at the same time. Of course.

Nothing says ‘I love thee’ like an elaborate, expensive Valentines card. Similarly nothing says, ‘Look, this is going nowhere. We both know it but neither of it is brave enough to come out an admit it. This card cost me 7p – read between the lines eh?’ like a card that cost you 7p.

That latter one is the emotional message that’s up for grabs at Asda. Seven sodding pence. If you were make one yourself out of a bog roll tube and some peanut butter it would seem as though you’d made more of an effort, albeit with roughly the same sentiment.
(deal found by missglitter1981)

If you DO happen to dearly love your Valentine and have a healthy sex life (that’s both of you), why isn’t the she in the he/she combo dressed up in a red, wipe-clean PVC nurse’s outfit? Eh?

Well now you can affordably inhabit that exciting fantasy world, with very little chance of you ending up with a nasty bout of MRSA, C-Diff, Mos Def or Run DMC. Twenty quid to you. Get in there before they’re all gone.
(deal found by rainbow123)

Lastly, organic alphabet biscuits. What’s romantic about those, we hear you gasp. At just 29p a packet, you can stock up on enough of them to cover your bed with a poem devoted to the one you love.

Or, if you prefer, a filthy limerick. Here’s one we started earlier… but got a bit stuck with. “There was a young man from Newbiggin, who forgot to go out with his wig on….”
(deal found by Soziberry)

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  • jaysexy212005
    She looks hot, it's a shame she doesn't come with the uniform.

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