HotUKDeals Of The Day - Tuesday 31st March

Roll up, roll up and take a gander at what we’ve got here for you. It’s only some of the finest bargains to have appeared on HotUKDeals over the past 24 hours!

But this is just a fragment-sized fraction of the offers that are listed over there, but at least here you also get pop gossip and romantic advice regarding babies and pink vacuum cleaning systems. Come on in…

Yesterday, we were trying to stock up your garden on the cheap with ideas for various plants and trees. Today, we’re at it again. Don’t ask us to apologise; we’re devoted nature lovers. That’s what comes from working in an underground bunker a mile below the surface of the ground.

Follow the link and you can get yourself a fig tree for just £3.99 delivered. We’ve heard that the bloke out of The Coldplay has got ten of them and that Bono comes round and waters them for him when The Coldplay are on tour. Nice, that.

Speaking of deluded braggards, you’ve seen nothing till you’ve seen one-time Donkey Kong champion Billy Mitchell in action in the compelling and occasionally hilarious documentary ‘The King Of Kong – A Fistful Of Quarters’ which can be had here on DVD for just £3.99.

Mitchell was the holder of the world’s highest score on Donkey Kong until Steve Wiebe came along and topped it. How will gaming legend Mitchell react? Will he raise his game and take back the record or just fart about while letting his mouth go, like a complete knob? Get a copy and find out.

Finally, a chance for you to get a quality vacuum cleaner while making a significant saving. The Henry and Hetty vacuum cleaning systems will be just £72.24 over the coming weekend from a top, reputable DIY store as part of their '15% off' special offer.

Get more info here but be warned – if you get the Hetty and you have a 15-month old son, there’s a very real danger that he’ll fall in love with it and wail like an idiot whenever it’s time for Hetty to go back in the cupboard. That’s the personal experience of this writer anyway. She has got lovely eyes mind you…

(deals found by massmail666, millarcat and margamboy)


  • MinstrelMan
    good lad........ no one sucks quite like Hetty
  • Mike H.
    You obviously haven't been to Stoke MM?...

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