HotUKDeals Of The Day - Tuesday 30th November

hukd_logob1Today, we're into a whole bunch of stuff that can help you idle your life away today. A game that will suck weeks out of your busy life, a retro-future toy that will bring you a drink or an apple from the kitchen to your feet, and a drink that isn’t an apple.

As usual, the whole caboodle is brought to us by HotUKDeals....

813884_1It’s just like the 1980s in the United Kingdom of Britain and Ireland these days. Snow, strikes and a Tory government hell-bent on fucking the poor. Now you can add to the misery by investing in a BigTrak for yourself.

For those who don’t know what BigTrak is/was, it’s kind of a cross between a robot, a quad bike and a rhino and you can programme it to move around. Life’s moved on dramatically since its heyday but £20 for a slice of retro toy fun shouldn’t be sniffed at (and it’s part of a major toy and gift sale with up to 50% off).

814120_1Something that’s been around almost as long as BigTrak is the Football Manager series of games. Some of us are hardcore and used to play it on a souped-up Atari ST back when Take That were still taking to the stage drenched in baby oil.

Back then it was called Championship Manager but don't be too confused by that. The latest instalment in the hugely popular series is Football Manager 2011 and you can kiss goodbye to days and days of your futile life by getting a copy of it for only £17.99 delivered.

814268_1Finally, something that will aid you as your Football Manager sessions plough on and on into the small hours is coffee. You’ll be needing gallons and gallons of the stuff if you are to achieve your aim of getting Darlington into the Champions League final.

You can get 50% off the RRP of a mighty Philips Senseo coffee making machine, which can be pumping out a cascade of stay-awake-juice straight into your face for the low price of just £29.99. Good luck with Darlington... you’ll need it.

(deals found by HUKD members DickSturdey, 5_princesses, TheMightyJag and buzzybee22)


  • Boris
    Atati ST! Bloody young duffers! ZX Spectrum. Change the goalkeeper's name to Jesus. Oh the hilarity!
  • Doris
    WTF Boris you idiot. It isn't even propper Football Manager - they just stole the name of the Specrum Classic becasue they couldn't use 'Championship' anymore. It's probably got 'graphics' and things too. I remember when you just flicked figures around the table. Doll jumpers for goal posts. A doily for nets. Happy days.
  • Paul
    STFU Hipsters!

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