HotUKDeals Of The Day - Tuesday 30th June

Thank the gods of the weather for we are in the throes of a heatwave, even though it’s grey and gloomy outside the BW HQ right now.

Still, even if the weather isn’t like what the man on the telly said, the one thing you can rely on is red hotness of the offers blazing out from the pages of HotUKDeals. They’re so hot, you could cook an egg on them – we know, we tried! No we didn’t.

In a heatwave, humans like us and you should refresh themselves and maintain optimum levels of hydration. Don’t follow the lead of anchorman Ron Burgundy and pour a gallon of milk down your neck and into your misery-beard – you’ll regret it later.

But you’d be mad to not snap up the current offer of a 2-litre bottle of Wiseman’s milk at only 75p. We’ve done some basic maths and we’re pretty sure that’s cheaper than tap water. Be sure to tell us if we’re wrong!

Next, something you’ll definitely need if you don’t want to go all addled around the noodles with the withering heat – it’s a 16” pedestal fan for just £7.99!

Yes, the electricity you need to power the thing will only make the sun hotter in the long run, but damn it, you’ve got sweaty pits and it all needs sorting. So do it. All penguins die eventually.

Finally, here’s a way you can make easy money during the summer season – caricaturating! Actually, the correct word might be ‘caricaturing’ but it’s too hot for us to care all that much.

Start off with this a pack of 12 pencils that you can get for only 8p. Then steal some toilet roll from public places, approach strangers and offer to draw a picture of them on their own individual square of bog roll. You’ll soon be a billionaire! Hot isn’t it?

(deals found by HUKD members chegwin, capricornianz and neo69696)

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