HotUKDeals Of The Day - Tuesday 30th December

As more High Street names crumble, bargain hunters have to be careful when shopping in the sales. You never know – you could be trying on a pullover in a changing room somewhere when administrator cops bust in and seal off the building. Before you know it you’re trapped an regarded as an asset, and how much are you REALLY worth?

Best stay in front of your computer screen and sift through these bargains served up by the forum-dwellers at HotUKDeals. If you do have to go out and actually enter a shop, take a cricket bat – you might have to fight your way to freedom.

Firstly today, how big is too big when it comes to a telly? We reckon it’s only too big when your nose and mouth is chafing against the screen while you’re watching it – anything else is fine, although we’re not opticians so don’t quote us on anything.

With that in mind, a 58” HD Plasma TV for less than £2k seems like a must-buy to us. The one in the picture has a programme about a lake on it, although we believe this particular model will also show Bergerac, Art Attack and The Big Fat German Sex Show, if such a thing exists.
(deal found by andywedge)

A major footwear war has broken out on the HUKD forums – all over these, a pair of Nina shoes, marked down from over £100 to just under a tenner. Are they or aren’t they Nina Ricci? Are they or aren’t they fecking shite? It’s a keyboard bloodbath over there and there's important chick-lit being ignored everywhere as a result.

We think there’s some shoe fetishists on there keeping a close, perverted eye on things too – we can’t be sure but we’d be amazed if not. As we’re veering closely towards mentioning screen licking for the second time in the space of a couple of hundred words, we’ll move on.
(deal found by rasanh)

We thought that there were only three certain things in life – you pay taxes, you die and there’s no such thing as bad reggae. Now you can add a fourth that we’ve just thought of – anyone who likes Bounty chocolate bars is not to be trusted.

Chocolate with coconut in the middle? A vile trick, but if it’s your sort of thing, stock up on them here. Plus, news just in – bad reggae alert – Jimmy Nail’s reggaefied version of school assembly favourite ‘The Ink Is Black, The Page Is White.’ Yes, really – there’s a snippet here…
(deal found by irshybar)

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