HotUKDeals Of The Day - Tuesday 2nd March

hukd_logob1 Safety outdoor gear, animated comedy and a raft of groceries and other bits and/or bobs at knock-down prices – that’s the Deals Of The Day guarantee that’s so sincere it’s making our eyes bleed.

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623098Winter still hasn’t abandoned us completely and if you’re planning on doing any extreme outdoor activities in the next few weeks (hiking, running, fell-walking, alfresco dogging) here’s some stuff you might need.

We’ve got a £1.00 emergency tent that is 8ft by 5ft and will accommodate the overly  tall as well as the overly fat. Then there’s a £1.00 twin pack of emergency blankets, designed to keep aforementioned tall, fat, stranded folk warm for a bit until help arrives. Currently only £1.00 each.

pg-tips-tea-bag1-287x300Next comes a long list of groceries and other sundries from a leading supermarket – a huge list of deals that will be available from tomorrow until 23rd March.

There’s everything from pizzas to sausages to ice cream to cheese to moisturising lotion to porridge. Buy ten of the featured items, mix them up in your bath and send us a picture of it – you might win a prize (you won’t win a prize).

623428Finally today, a very splendid DVD box set that you can get for a penny less than a tenner. It’s a collection of Futurama specials for only £9.99, made after the show was cancelled and then brought back a bit before possibly being cancelled again. We’re not sure to be honest.

The box set includes the feature-length episodes Into Wild Green Yonder, Bender’s Game, Bender’s Big Score and The Beast With A Billion Backs. This just in - avid HotUKDeals member Royvedas describes them as ‘sub-par.’ Yes, THAT Royvedas. Harrumph…

(deals found by HUKD members FoX5, nicster08 and howeburn)

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  • Warwick H.
    Bet they wish they could get an emergency tent and blankets for a £1 in the earthquake regions, It may be worth taking one or two on holiday with you as you never know.

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