HotUKDeals Of The Day - Tuesday 2nd December

Winter’s drawing in and if you’re over the age of 30 and have got kids, you’ll probably not be leaving the house after dark until March. You urban tortoises you.

So here’s a few ideas for home-based entertainment for you to ponder thanks to the bargain-sniffers at HotUKDeals. We’re scratching the surface here, so check out the site – you can even find industrial-sized quantities of straw for you to curl up in for the next four months. Probably.

First, the Die Hard DVD Quadrilogy for just £9.99. You MUST own this. They’re all there - the one where he saves a tower block; the one where he saves an airport; the one where he saves a burger van; and the fourth one that’s not all that good really.

Plus, it gives you the opportunity to swank about the place using the word ‘quadrilogy’ like you’re something special. What a completely bollocks made-up word that is. What’s five of something then? A quintology? Six? A sexology? That just sounds like a really bad jazz-funk band. Lance Mannion’s Sexology. Urgh.
(deal found by sp1der)

Who wants a copy of Take That’s new CD ‘The Circus’ for a eye-spinningly cheap £5.88? Anyone? Look, we’re not saying that we approve of Britain’s top man band, or their image (asylum seekers let loose in a branch of Next), let alone their wretched dirges that are passed off as pop songs, but the public seem to like them and that’s that. And party.

But, if you don’t have someone, anyone, in your life who would be filled with a warm glow upon receipt of the new Take That CD, well, we feel sorry for you. And the windowless dungeon where you live, just you and your homemade tattoo kit.
(deal found by dm042455)

Lastly, toys. If you’ve got young kids, you’ll know that there’s only two things they need in order to survive – birthday parties and toys. One of the finest toy retailers in the land are currently knocking the VAT off EVERYTHING on their website.

Yep, a whopping 15% off the lot – and there’s some damn fine stuff there. If you don’t have kids – have a look anyway. There’s board games and gadgets and collectable stuff. Coming soon – Die Hard 5: The One Where He Saves A Toy Shop
(deal found by Babbler)

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