HotUKDeals Of The Day - Tuesday 27th January

We’re feeling all manly here at Bitterwallet – walking around outdoors in our bare feet, drinking pop out of the can without a straw, buying a box of live maggots from a fishing store and then running our fingers through them. That kind of thing.

So today’s HotUKDeals-inspired bargains are aimed at those of you with a testosterone gland big enough to stick a flag in and sail down a river on.

First up, a 12-month subscription to FHM. The name literally stands for ‘For Him Magazine’ and it couldn’t be more man-skewed if it was filled with big pictures of women with hardly any clothes on. What? It is? Even better.

Sign up for a year of issues for just £25 and you’ll get two free Xbox games into the bargain. Raaahhhhh!
(deal found by heatlight)

Next, a real piece of equipment that is so manly it’s probably got a bushy moustache slapped right across its top lip. It’s an electric cable hoist, just £50 from tomorrow. You can use it to… hoist things, electrically. Stand back girls - we wouldn't want something to fly off into your pretty little eye.

It says here that it’s got a maximum lifting capacity of 250kg, remote lifting/lowering control, safety lifting brake and is packing a 550W/230V motor. Ooh ladies, are you feeling the power? Are you?
(deal found by ED19)

Now excuse me madam – is that a small fire crackling away behind you? It is? Want us to put it out for you? Okay – raaaahhhh! Here we come with our tough guy’s fire blanket.

Don’t worry, it’s completely safe; it cost us £6.84 you know. Maybe once we’ve doused those pesky flames, we could wrap ourselves up in the blanket and ignite a few more? Mmmm? Nnngggg? Raaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!
(deal found by blueretro)


  • Curved S.
    We'd never have guessed you used to write for Loaded Andy, Loaded's better than HMV innit bruv?
  • Andy D.
    FRONT's the best, but they're not doing any subs offers at the moment.
  • dude
    Loved Front, c**t of the month was the best feature ever.
  • Curved S.
    Cart of the week?, where peeps send in piccys of their 'carts' yeah? I've got a cart with 70" wooden 'spinners', it's todally dope metherfecker.
  • hoist h.
    Just curious..

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