HotUKDeals Of The Day - Tuesday 25th November

Bitterwallet is sorry, but not entirely surprised to report that regular HotUKDeals Of The Day scribe Andy has been arrested for lewd conduct. Until the court date, or the monastery drops the charges, you're stuck with me. Hello.

As a modern metrosexual sort of bloke in touch with his femininity, today's deals are all about the ladies. So let's start with boobies, then. Boobies are brilliant. Not as good as my Nana's chicken dinner admittedly, although she's been dead three years so they're not tasting as good as they once did. Anyway, Breastfeeding Heaven are having a sale, with up to 65% off.

Obviously, as a man, just the mention of bitty gets me all excited in a schoolboyish way, until I read the problems encountered during breast feeding: "Mastitis, nipple pain, thrush, engorgement, etc". Ick. Doesn't sound much fun, but now you know where to go for help. (deal found by antiLorna)

There was a time when Take That wore PVC and chaps in a bid to attract the pink chart vote. Nowadays everyone loves them, with Gary, Howard, Jason and Mark appearing in the top five of men that married mums can jump the bones of with hubby's consent. And yeah, I'm going to say it, they make some bloody good pop songs.

Musical credibility in tatters, I may as well go all out and pre-order Take That's new album Circus from CD Wow for £6.99 with free delivery (RRP £16.99) and be done with it. Promises was a great song, really it was. (deal found by andywedge)

Finally, Marks & Spencer are literally picking your pockets once more; there's another 20%-off-everything bonanaza extravaganza event on Thursday (27th). Do you really need more of an excuse to shop? Of course not, you're a woman. (deal found by Babbler)

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