HotUKDeals Of The Day - Tuesday 25th May

hukd_logob1 Scoffing, boozing and acting like overgrown kids swapping football stickers with each other. That’s about as sophisticated as it’s going to get here at Deals Of The Day on this chilly winter afternoon.

There’s tons more bargains like these over at HotUKDeals if you’re above all of this kind of thing.

pizzaexpressHere at Bitterwallet, we like to be canny with our pennies but that doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy the luxury of fine dining. Which is exactly what is on offer right now at Pizza Express.

Their world-famous (no, us neither) £10 set menu is back, back, BACK! It includes a starter, a main course and a drink and it’ll cost you just… ten pounds! Oh, wait, we mentioned the price at the start of that paragraph didn’t we? TEN POUNDS!

685683We hate to bang on and on about the World Cup and all the cheap booze offers that will be springing up in its wake, but you lot have been banging on about bumming foxes for far too long, so repetition is obviously a good thing, yeah?

Well, there’s a booze deal on at the moment – two cases for £16 or three cases for £20 The full list of available brews is at the HUKD site, but the usual lager, cider and beers are there. Fill your boots. If you’re into drinking straight out of a boot that is.

685906Finally for now, and sticking with the World Cup, we expect that most of you are collecting the Panini South Africa 2010 stickers. If you are, you can a 3-for-2 on the mega-packs of stickers.

As it works out, you’ll be paying just 30.5p per pack of six stickers as opposed to the usual RRP of 50p. Plus, you can list and trade your swaps at the dedicated HotUKDeals thread. Probably more appropriate than hanging around your nearest school playground if you’re over a certain age.

(deals found by HUKD members Foxy, PraxxtorCruel and buggles)


  • That t.
    That birds got a nice set of jugs, face like a smashed crab, but a nice set of jugs.
  • Hershel R.
    She's got some creamy white stuff all over her jugs.
  • That t.
    She isn't a 'fox' thats for sure...

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