HotUKDeals Of The Day - Tuesday 24th March

It’s that time of the day when we like to kick back, relax and hand you a fistful of bargains that you might like to avail yourself of and help kick-start the economy into the process. So let’s not spend any more time dicking around.

As ever, all of these wonderful offers were found at HotUKDeals – if you don’t like them, get yourself over to the site, ‘cos there’s bound to be something there for you.

First up, millarcat has found a highly desirable 2-disc version of the latest Bond movie, ‘Quantum Of Solace’ for just £6.98. The second disc contains a exact remake of the original movie, only with Manchester City striker Craig Bellamy playing 007.

Of course it doesn’t, but wouldn’t it be nice? Click here to find out how you can get your hands on this uber-cheap Bond experience.

Next, another DVD – it’ll cost you a few extra quid but you’ll get a lot more minutes, many more laughs and definitely no Craig Bellamy for your money.

It’s the 21-disc Laurel and Hardy DVD box set, now retailing for what we believe is an all-time low price of £34.99. RRP of this one is £199.99 and you’ll get 999 minutes of timeless comedy classicness for your cash. We reckon that’s [does quick sum on fingers] about eight straight weeks without sleep. Smashing.

Finally for now, a heads up for a sale at Marks And Spencer which has kicked off today. There’s up to 50% off both online and instore – click here for more info as well as links to a couple of vouchers you can use online.

There’s too many bargains in the sale for us to list them all but this one has raised some eyebrows on HUKD – it’s the latest Sony Bravia 46" (KDL-W5500) for just £999 with a 5-year warranty thrown in. Happy shopping.
(deals found by millarcat, amibees, JMANDE and chewie2000)


  • g
    thirst! D:
  • -
    2.4 weeks actually...
  • Mr P.
    Nearer the sixteen and a half hour mark. Still, by only watching a few minutes a day you could make it last 8 weeks.
  • -=Mike H.
    21 discs of Laurel and Hardy, would piss me right off, is it the black and white versions or the cartoons? The cartoons were even fecking worse for fecks sake!

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