HotUKDeals Of The Day - Tuesday 23rd February

hukd_logob1 Welcome to our magical hall of mirrors. Look into each mirror and you will see not yourself, but a bargain of magnificent proportions. Our hall has three mirrors. Feast your eyes on them.

Behind the mirrors lurk shadowy figures from HotUKDeals – don’t be afraid of them, they’re here to help.

617689-1One of the most enduring British sitcoms of the last decade has been The Office – the story of a young man with a dream to go around the world using only the help of strangers he meets on the international Twitter service.

Hang on, that’s probably not completely true. Whatever the hell it is, it’s very popular and stars a man who looks a bit like Liverpool manager Rafa Benitez – which can only be a good/bad thing depending on how you feel about things. The complete Office series 1 and 2 for only £5.00 is what we’re trying to tell you. Thanks for reading.

617080Next, a treat for those of you with young kids who seem unable to string a coherent sentence together (they’ll probably grow up to do the writing on the Bitterwallet website and all that). It’s some plastic with buttons and a puppy on it. But there’s more.

As you’ve probably figured out by now, it’s the Leapfrog Scout AlphaPet Phoncis Explorer contraption. A child’s guide to learning letter names, letter sounds and more. It’s only £8.70 (down from £14.99) and is suitable for children of all ages from 2 to 2,222. Werp!

617570-1Finally today, something that we must warn you contains mild rudeness. Look away now if you bristle at references to affairs of the flesh. You all still here? Yes, we had a feeling you would be. Filthmongers the lot of you.

It’s a BOGOF offer on various saucy Durex products which you could have for as little as £4 each, depending on your level of sexual exploration and the health of your bank balance. There’s free delivery and Quidco cash back as well and if you don’t have the horn now, you might never will. “You might never will” – not sure that’s real English to be honest.

(deals found by HUKD members amibees, andywedge and pinkkitty2007)

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  • Nobby
    I know it's not relevant here, but Jamie Oliver is a twat.

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